Re-visiting the work done during my time in the Philippines…

Grounded Planning: People-centred strategies for city upgrading in Thailand and the Philippines (DPU-UCL, 2017) is a compilation of experiences between myself, and three other colleagues (Nausica Castanas, David Hoffman and Ploy K. Yamtree). We worked as part of the Development Planning Unit (DPU), in partnership with the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) and Community Architect Network (CAN).

My focus on Mapping as a tool for Knowledge Building and Empowerment was framed within Collin McFarlane’s understanding of ‘Learning the City’. The chapter narrates the process of mapping used by the Philippine Alliance (made up of HPFPI, PACSII, TAMPEI, LinkBuild and CoreAcs) and analyses how such a process motivates multiple stakeholders across the city to engage in collective learning spaces. Phrases such as ‘learning by doing’ and ‘people’s process’ have become common used terms among those involved, in the chapter I seek to unpack these terms and understand how they play out in practice. Finally, I conclude with a series of reflections on the remaining challenges that lie ahead for the Alliance, as it continues to grow, become more tech-‘savy’ and more serious about influencing and transforming urban policy and planning processes.

The book is published by the DPU and also available on ISSU.

Other relevant sources:

Grounded Planning: People centred urban development strategies in the Philippines

Grounding Knowledge: Reflections on community-driven development in South East Asia



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