Grounded Planning: People-centred strategies for city upgrading in Thailand and the Philippines

The chapter narrates the process of mapping used by the Philippine Alliance (made up of HPFPI, PACSII, TAMPEI, LinkBuild and CoreAcs) and analyses how such a process motivates multiple stakeholders across the city to engage in collective learning spaces.

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One of those days: A bamboo bridge in Davao City, Philippines

Four community associations from Davao City, in Barangay 74-A, make up a collective network called the Matina Crossing Communities Federation Inc (BMFCI). Mainly, they live along the Pangi River, which floods regularly destroying locally made bridges and blocking people’s way to get around their neighbourhood and access the rest of the city, more importantly schools, hospitals and often, their workplace.

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Chess, Life & the City: from Bogotá to Geneva

Do you know how to play chess? Some people would classify it as an ‘intellectual’ game. Apparently chess is very much like life, it teaches you to think, plan, organise your thoughts, and take action. “The modern game—essentially unchanged now for about 500 years—is perfectly designed to stretch the human mind to its outermost limits,…

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Five Places to Return To

– Response to the Daily Post The Wanderer There is no way I can list the top five places I want to visit because I have no top 5. In my experience, setting a priority list limits the possibilities of surprise, particularly if you have your top five and have already seen photos of them…

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Te invito a pausar en tu camino, a mirar esta vista, a buscar en ella el mensaje que te he dejado sobre este muro.

“Cuando transitamos en la calle, dejamos trazas y huellas que son susceptibles de ser leídas por otros, y por eso activamos relaciones que pueden ser introducidas…en la vida cotidiana”

Trixi A. Bloch, 2015

The memory is on the walls: Bogotá, Colombia

“Bogotá is a city that speaks through its walls. A city were silenced voices speak…” says an article in El Tiempo. IDARTES, the District Institute of the Arts, supports mural painting and graffiti collectives through an innovative approach to remember the country’s turbulent history, recognising the terrible realities that many were and continue to be forced…

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